Homophobia lecture enlightens Lawrence adults



Young adults in Lawrence gathered in the basement of the Akyoumennacull Ecumenical Christian Ministries on Tuesday to listen to a lecture by a former University of Kansas professor Robert Minor.
The lecture is part of Minor’s Fairness Project. The goal of the project is to inform people about issues such as gender, sexuality, activism and racism.

The lecture began with a clips of the sitcom, Friends, which portrayed homophobia, which Minor says is ingrained in our society.

Robert Minor: You know, homophobia for men has a real cultural purpose, it’s a part of the culture’s design and part of that is because we are a warrior culture.

Charles McVey: I guess that I always assumes that homophobia was rooted in hatred toward gay people but I think that his (Minor’s) explanation how he think it comes from gender roles is very interesting.

Dominic Klumpe: I thought it (homophobia) to be a pretty black and white thing. I really didn’t expect such as large gray area and that it can impact so many thing in our culture.

Ali Free: There was something that he said that really hit home for me. We are a culture that, you know, gives men awards for killing another man but kill them for loving another man.

This is Rebekka Schlichting reporting for Love in College.


About rschlichting

I'm a junior at the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism. Check out my stories about relationships, sex and health in college!
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